Summer and Fall Pre-enrollment begins at Haskell

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By Kyle Griggs

Pre-enrollment for summer and fall classes has begun at Haskell. The Registrar’s office along with Admissions will be conducting pre-enrollment from April 2-13, 2012.The course listings for both summer and fall are already posted on Haskell’s website, You can also look over the listings in the Registrar’s office during their business hours.

While many students are looking forward to see what classes will be offered this fall, others are thrilled that summer school is being offered again. Due to the cost, Haskell has not had a summer session since 2010.

The summer session will be from May 21st to June 29th, 2012. The fall session dates have yet to be announced. In a statement posted online, Dr. VenidaChenault stated “the priority of courses will be those that are out of sequence of the rotation for the Bachelor degree programs and high-demand general education classes”.

If you are planning on attending either semester, it is recommended to enroll as soon as possible, especially for the summer session. Because of the amount of classes offered, they will fill up soon.

For more information about enrollment please contact Manny King in the Registrar’s office or Steve Prue in the President’s office.