‘A Tribe Called Red’ Album debut

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By:  L.Marie Avila

Native DJ’s have been emerging from the underground and this group who expresses both political and social messages is presenting them.  ‘ATribe Called Red’ is making waves.

On March 29, 2012 Indian Country Today media network online has an article about the group and highlighting the group’s debut album that fans can download for free.a, Ontario Canada the three DJs, Bear Witness, NDN and DJ Shrub have integrated digital music with classics like Northern Cree’s ‘Red Skin Gal’ and Blacklodge Singers ‘Crow hop’ in a new genre of music called

on the music scene and are loud and proud ‘red to the bone.’  Coming from Ottaw

Powwow Step, with cuts like ‘NDN’s in all directions’ ‘Electric Powwow’ and ‘Woodcarver’ [in respect to the late American Indian woodcarver and an injustice with the Seattle police 2010].

Read the article, download the music and let it ride.

Please note:  No disrespect to the powwow trail in Indian Country.  Your influence, tradition and history can never be replaced.

A Tribe Called Red