Working for the Forestry

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By Marcus Barnoskie

It is time to start thinking about summer break. For some it’s summer school and for others it’s chilling at home. But for those who want to spend their summer in a new and exciting place while making money I suggest checking out Pontiac room 100.

I sat down with Doug Eifler, natural resources liaison for the Forest Service, to get more information about working for the Forest Service

“Thereis a boatload of jobs” Eifler says, as he showed me an updated list of Forestry positions with hundreds of jobs across the country.

Jobs which include working in biology, archaeology, fishery, forestry, recreation, and wild land firefighting (just to name a few) and the jobs are scattered across the country with a majority of jobs being in places like Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Washington, and Oregon. “Most of the jobs are in the western United States with a few in the east, but if somebody really wanted to work in the east we will try our hardest to accommodate and see what there is.” (Doug Eifler)

Getting a job through the Forestry at Haskell comes with perks. The forestry department will pay for travel to get to the job which includes airfare, gas mileage, train tickets, bus, etc.

The jobs are open to all Haskell students, regardless of your major. A new policy is in effect where a student must go through a formal interview to actually be eligible for a position. You must also submit a copy of your transcripts and a resume.

Basic fire training starts March 12, 2012. It is a 40 hour course in the evenings open to everybody, including the Lawrence community, and it is free. If you have had fire training the refresher course is Wednesday March 14, all training is in Pontiac hall room 100 and every session is mandatory if you wish to receive a fire-training certificate. The pack test, a 3 mile walk with a 45 lb. pack in under 45 minutes, is scheduled to be sometime in late March or early April and anybody wanting to participate MUST have a physical exam before the test. So schedule an appointment with I.H.S to get one soon.

If you want more information contact Doug Eifler at: or call (785) 424-3397 (Doug Eifler). Or you can stop by Pontiac room 100 and talk to the Forestry department at Haskell where everybody is more than happy to answer any questions.