Safety Drills to be tested at Haskell

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By Kyle Griggs

Earlier this month the Midwest was devastated by a series of storms that caused numerous tornados over multiple states including Kansas and Missouri. Many lives were lost as result of these massive storm systems and some of them could have been saved with proper knowledge of what to do during a tornado. Now that spring and tornado season is here Haskell wants to ensure that the students and staff know what to do during such hazardous weather. Gary Goombi,Collateral Duty Safety Officer” for Haskell, is planning to have a tornado drill in the near future.

“We plan on having a Tornado drill”, Goombi said “where everyone takes shelter at the designated tornado shelter in their building”. Goombi also commented on the role that e2Campus will play in the drill. The e2Campus notification system will announce the drill vie email and text message to all that are signed up. A final date has not been set for the drill but Mr. Goombi said it will be announced as soon as they know when it will be.

Because of the incidents that took place in Ohio, Goombi feels that an “active Shooter” drill needs to be run through as well. However, this type of drill requires a lot more planning and assistance from Lawrence Police. Goombi explains what an “Active Shooter” drill would be like.

“An ‘Active shooter’ drill which is like a lock-down drill if there was someone with a gun on campus. We will be using our Emergency P.A. system and our e2Campus notification system which will announce the drills and people should follow the directions of the announcements”.

But because of the details that go into this kind of drill, finalization of it will take time. “We are still working on the details of the “Active shooter” drill and plan on sending out information on what the campus should do” Goombi went on to say. “We are planning on having the Lawrence Police Department come help us conduct this drill to make it more realistic”.

When a final date is decided, Goombi says the school will be informed. For more information about Haskell’s “Tornado and severe weather” procedure or “Campus emergency” procedure please view them on our website,

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