International Indigenous Conference to come to Haskell

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By Kyle Griggs

Haskell Indian Nations University will host an International Indigenous Conference from April 4-6, 2012. It is a conference to help bring light on a situation that is in dire need of addressing. Karen Dallett, a member of this conference’s planning community echoed Dr. Dan Wildcat’s and Tom BK Goldtooth’s message of needing to act now! It is their goal to show this conference online as well to reach a bigger audience.

Dallett states “The primary goal to source funding to stream the conference live to other native institutions and tribal offices. Then we can allow for Facebook conversations live too which would be great!” One obstacle in the way of that happening however, is funding. “If funding is sourced too close to the end of March” Dallett went on to say,” we would make the conference available through a video feed on Haskell’s site, IEN’s site and make it available as a teaching tool to educational institutions.”


Haskell students are invited to attend the three day conference for no charge. Unfortunately, meals are not included with their attendance. They will need to have meals in the University Cafe.Donations are welcomed to support the conference’s causes including live streaming and videotaping for future educational use in our Native and Tribal Nations and Institutions.

For information about how you can help, contact Karen Dallett at