Eagle’s Nest Reopened

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by Joshua D. Woosypitti

On the Haskell Indian Nations University campus, a reopening of a well known snack bar/eatery has officially made its return.

The Eagle’s Nest snack bar has reopened and managed by David Cesare. The Haskell community is starting to come to the realization that the menu has old favorites with some added twists. The menu consists of past hamburger baskets that can also be purchased a la carte but still being in the same figure as the old menu choices.

The Eagle’s Nest is starting to have a steady flow, but needs the community support to keep this business going as a service to the Haskell Indian Nations University campus. The newer choices to the menu are specials that can be seen displayed on a small white marker board with various choices. The marker board, gently displayed on the condiment counter displays daily specials such as bbq items and is changed often.

The business has multiple selections to choose from. Some of these selections are the salads that adorn the beverage cooler and specialty items.

With the opening of this snack bar, the Haskell community can have the ability to come relax in the snack bar while enjoying a meal prepared by a local community member. The hours are posted at the Tecumseh door and can be found via Haskell Webmail. The Eagle’s Nest snack bar is open from Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

For more information over the Eagle’s Nest snack bar please call their extension at 785-830-2749.