Free Library Access at KU

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by Whitney Youngman

Ever needed to look up a certain subject in the library for a class or paper and not been able to find it? Ever closed down the library studying? If the answer to either of these questions is “YES” then you are in luck.

The KU Libraries are now free to all students, faculty, and staff of not only KU but Haskell students as well. Before there had been a $10 charge to obtain a KU library card needed to check out books from their libraries, and now, as long as a Haskell ID is with you, you are able to access any of eight libraries across KU campus. Many having their own specific resources available for any research, including: Law, Engineering, Art & Architecture, Music & Dance, among others.

Visit to learn what hours each library is open. Most are open on Saturdays, some are even open 24 hours, and as always, it’s just right up the hill. So don’t get discouraged if Haskell Library is unable to fulfill your research needs, because KU is willing to help Haskell students out as well. Happy Holidays!